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eFiling Training Guide



Use this form to register for an eFiling account. Use your eFiling account email address and password to login to DOB NOW: Build, DOB NOW: Safety, DOB NOW: BIS Options and eFiling/eSubmit.

For help filling out this form, visit the Registration Steps page. Licensed Professionals need to enter below the same email address that is on record with the Licensing Unit and that was used to create a DOB NOW: Inspections account.

If you are an elevator license, gas work qualification, journeyman or welder applicant, do not fill out this registration form. Click here to create a DOB NOW profile or to change your DOB NOW profile password.

Items with a (*) are required.
Create Account
You need an active email address to create an eFiling account. After you submit the below information, you will receive a message at this email address to activate your account.
(A secondary email address can be used to log into DOB NOW: Build and Safety and to be assigned a role in DOB NOW filings. Only filings associated with the email address you log in with will appear on your DOB NOW dashboard.)

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Please select one of the options below.
  I do not have a license or DOB Issued ID # - (includes owners, building managers or owner representatives and applicants for a new license to be submitted in DOB NOW: BIS Options)
  I have a license or DOB Issued ID # - (includes professional engineers, registered architects, licensed tradespersons (e.g. master plumbers), general contractors, and filing representatives).
I, , hereby agree to register for eFiling with the New York City Department of Buildings (the "Department"). PENALTY FOR FALSIFICATION: Falsification on any statement made while using eFiling with intent to defraud or deceive is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine, imprisonment or both. I understand that if I am found guilty after a hearing to have knowingly or negligently falsified or allowed to be falsified any certificate, form, signed statement, application, report or certification of the correction of a violation required under the provisions of the laws or rules enforced by the Department or of a law and/or rule of any agency, I may be barred from filing further applications or documents with the Department. I agree that I will only submit documents related to jobs for which I am authorized by the owner and/or applicant of record to do so.

I understand and agree that by personally clicking on the button marked "Submit" below I am electronically signing this registration application and my agreement with the above terms. I understand that the electronic signature shall have the same validity and effect as a signature affixed by hand.