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Boiler Elevator Energy Fašade Parking Structure Violation
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Antenna BIS Schedule of Occupancy Boiler Equipment Certificate of Occupancy Cranes
Curb Cut Determination Earthwork Electrical Elevators Emergency Work Notification (EWN)
Fence Foundation Full Demolition General Construction Green Roof
Limited Alteration Application (LAA) Mechanical Systems Place of Assembly Plumbing
Protection & Mechanical Methods Solar Sidewalk Shed Sign Sprinkler Standpipe
Structural Supported Scaffold Support of Excavation Suspended Scaffold Temporary BIN
Temporary Place of Assembly
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Project/Filing Type*
eFiling/Hub/BIS jobs
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Appointments (BIS plan exam)
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Elevator Gas Work Qualification Journeyman Welder
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Essential Construction
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BIS Civil Penalty Review Requests (L2)
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Certificate of Correction OATH Summons
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Licensing Applications (New, Renewal, Insurance Updates)
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Benchmarking/Energy Grading (Local Law 33) Energy Emissions (Local Law 97) Energy Code
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eFiling Authentication Forms
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Homeowner Relief Program
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Record Requests
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